A total of 107 people were arrested as part of the policing operation for the protests in central London on Saturday, 3 April.

These were for a range of offences including breach of the peace; violent disorder; assault on police and breaches of Covid legislation. One woman was arrested on suspicion of possession of an offensive weapon. Outcomes await for those arrested.

Commander Ade Adelekan who led the policing operation for yesterday’s protests said:

“While our advice to people remains not to attend large gatherings, the vast majority of people who attended central London yesterday, adhered to social distancing, and engaged and listened to my officers.

“However, as the afternoon wore on it became clear that a small number of people were intent on remaining to cause disruption to law-abiding Londoners.

“Despite repeated instructions from officers to leave, they did not and, amid increasing levels of disorder, arrests were made.

“We should not allow the behaviour of a few individuals who attend these events with the purpose of committing criminal acts to taint the good behaviour of the majority who attended yesterday.”