Harvard University

The 2022 Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) is released today by ShanghaiRanking Consultancy. Since 2003, ARWU has been presenting the world’s top universities annually based on transparent methodology and objective third-party data. It has been recognized as the precursor of global university rankings and the most trustworthy one. This year, more than 2500 institutions were scrutinized, and the best 1000 universities in the world are published.

Harvard University tops the ranking list for the 20th year. Stanford University remains at the No. 2 seat. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) rises one position to the No. 3. Other Top 10 universities are Cambridge (4th), Berkeley (5th), Princeton (6th), Oxford (7th), Columbia (8th), Caltech (9th), and Chicago (10th).

In Continental Europe, Paris-Saclay University (16th) remains at the best position, followed by ETH Zurich (20th). Among Asian universities, The University of Tokyo (24th) keeps its leading position. Tsinghua University (26th) moves up two position, holding on to the second-best place in Asia. The University of Melbourne (32th) tops of other universities in Oceania for twelve consecutive years since 2011.

Four universities move up into the Top 50. Zhejiang University from Chinese Mainland ranked 36th, up from 52st last year. The University of Queensland from Australia rises four places to 47th. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (49th) and University of Maryland, College Park (50th) from United States both rise six places. Seven universities enter into the Top 100 list, including University of Pittsburgh (82th) and Brown University (99th) from United States, Erasmus University Rotterdam (87th) from Netherlands, University of Alberta (92th) from Canada, Huazhong University of Science and Technology (96th) from Chinese Mainland, The University of Hong Kong (96th) from China-Hong Kong, and Seoul National University (98th) from South Korea. There are eight new entrants appearing on the Top 500 list, 25 universities enter into Top 1000 for the first time.

TOP 100 Universities in ARWU 2022
2022 Rank 2021 Rank Institution Country/Region
1 1 Harvard University United States
2 2 Stanford University United States
3 4 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) United States
4 3 University of Cambridge United Kingdom
5 5 University of California, Berkeley United States
6 6 Princeton University United States
7 7 University of Oxford United Kingdom
8 8 Columbia University United States
9 9 California Institute of Technology United States
10 10 University of Chicago United States
11 11 Yale University United States
12 12 Cornell University United States
13 14 University of California, Los Angeles United States
14 16 Johns Hopkins University United States
15 15 University of Pennsylvania United States
16 13 Paris-Saclay University France
17 19 University of Washington United States
18 17 University College London United Kingdom
19 20 University of California, San Francisco United States
20 21 ETH Zurich Switzerland
21 18 University of California, San Diego United States
22 22 University of Toronto Canada
23 25 Imperial College London United Kingdom
24 24 The University of Tokyo Japan
25 27 New York University United States
26 28 Tsinghua University China
27 23 Washington University in St. Louis United States
28 26 University of Michigan-Ann Arbor United States
29 29 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill United States
30 34 Northwestern University United States
31 32 Duke University United States
32 33 The University of Melbourne Australia
33 31 University of Wisconsin – Madison United States
34 45 Peking University China
35 38 The University of Edinburgh United Kingdom
36 52 Zhejiang University China
37 41 The University of Texas at Austin United States
38 35 The University of Manchester United Kingdom
39 30 University of Copenhagen Denmark
40 38 PSL University France
41 42 Karolinska Institute Sweden
41 37 Kyoto University Japan
43 35 Sorbonne University France
44 42 Rockefeller University United States
44 42 University of British Columbia Canada
44 40 University of Minnesota, Twin Cities United States
47 51 The University of Queensland Australia
48 47 King’s College London United Kingdom
49 55 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign United States
50 56 University of Maryland, College Park United States
51 46 University of Colorado at Boulder United States
52 48 The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas United States
53 61 University of Southern California United States
54 59 Shanghai Jiao Tong University China
54 50 Utrecht University Netherlands
56 52 Technical University of Munich Germany
57 57 University of California, Santa Barbara United States
57 48 University of Munich Germany
59 54 University of Zurich Switzerland
60 69 University of Sydney Australia
61 70 University of California, Irvine United States
62 60 University of Geneva Switzerland
62 63 University of Science and Technology of China China
64 65 The University of New South Wales Australia
64 65 Vanderbilt University United States
66 64 University of Groningen Netherlands
67 77 Fudan University China
67 61 University of Oslo Norway
69 71 Aarhus University Denmark
70 57 Heidelberg University Germany
71 75 National University of Singapore Singapore
71 67 The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center United States
73 67 McGill University Canada
74 71 Ghent University Belgium
75 80 Monash University Australia
76 84 University of Bonn Germany
77 90 The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Israel
78 73 Université Paris Cité France
79 89 Sun Yat-sen University China
79 76 The Australian National University Australia
81 78 University of Bristol United Kingdom
82 101-150 University of Pittsburgh United States
83 86 Purdue University – West Lafayette United States
83 94 Technion-Israel Institute of Technology Israel
83 87 University of Basel Switzerland
83 92 Weizmann Institute of Science Israel
87 101-150 Erasmus University Rotterdam Netherlands
88 81 Nanyang Technological University Singapore
89 78 Uppsala University Sweden
90 92 McMaster University Canada
90 74 Stockholm University Sweden
92 101-150 University of Alberta Canada
92 82 University of Helsinki Finland
94 97 University of Florida United States
95 87 KU Leuven Belgium
96 101-150 Huazhong University of Science and Technology China
96 101-150 The University of Hong Kong China-Hong Kong
98 101-150 Seoul National University South Korea
99 101-150 Brown University United States
99 96 The University of Western Australia Australia

Universities from the United States dominate this year’s Top 1000 list with 39 universities among the Top 100, 127 among the Top 500, and 196 among the Top 1000. The United Kingdom has 63 Top 1000 universities, and 38 of them are listed in the Top 500, 8 are listed in the Top 100.

Germany has four universities ranked in the Top 100, namely Technical University of Munich (TUM, 56th), the University of Munich (LMU Munich, 57th),Heidelberg University (Heidelberg, 70th), and University of Bonn (Bonn, 76th). It is worth mentioning that LMU Munich, TUM, and Heidelberg have been selected as Universities of Excellence under the Excellence Initiative since 2006/2007, and Bonn was selected first time as Universities of Excellence in 2019.

French universities maintain their competitive performance in this year’s league table, 28 of which are ranked in the Top 1000, 16 universities are ranked in the Top 500. Under the Initiatives of Excellence (Initiatives D’Excellence), Paris-Saclay (16th) , PSL (40th), Sorbonne (43th), and Université Paris Cité (78th) hold four positions in the Top 100.

China has 186 universities ranked in the Top 1000, including 83 Top 500 universities, 9 Top 100 universities. The number of universities from Chinese Mainland continues to grow. Most of the listed universities are supported by the “Double World-Class Project” (World-Class Universities and World-Class Subjects Project).

The complete list and detailed methodologies can be found at ShanghaiRanking’s websitewww.shanghairanking.com/rankings/arwu/2022.