Amplification of the recommendations to the public:
Given the ongoing war, we are witnessing a significant increase in anti-Israel protests in the past few days in countries around the world, and in particular, Arab countries in the Middle East.

Hostility and violence have been displayed against Jewish and Israeli symbols. The rhetoric of global jihad has become more extreme, which is calling to harm Israelis and Jews around the world.

Consequently, the National Security Council (NSC) has raised the travel alert level for Egypt (including Sinai) and Jordan to Level 4 (high threat level), recommending not to travel to these countries, and for those who are already there to leave immediately.

The travel alert for Morocco has been raised to Level 3 with the recommendation to avoid any non-essential travel to the country.

Furthermore, the NSC reiterates its call for Israelis to heed the guidelines in the travel alerts and recommends the following:

• Until further notice, avoid travel to any Middle Eastern or Arab countries, including Türkiye, Egypt (and Sinai), Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Morocco.

• Avoid travel to Muslim countries for which travel alerts have been issued, including Malaysia, Bangladesh and Indonesia, as well as Muslim countries with no travel alert, such as the Maldives.