Gorkypark in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Photo by Alexander Milchinskiy.

Today the day of warning the exploitation of the environment during war and military conflicts.

According to the operational headquarters of the ecocrime of the Russian Federation, the actions of the terrorist country around Ukraine have already caused damage in the amount of over 1,35 trillion UAH. But as environmentalists claim, even this crazy amount does not reflect the real picture.

On a daily basis, hazardous substances are leaked into the air from oil products and industrial fires. Since the beginning of the war, the number of such emissions has exceeded ▪️67 million tons. For comparison: in 2021 and 2020 they only made up 2.2 million tons a year.

In total, 3 million hectares of forests have already been affected in Ukraine, which is almost a third of the forest fund of our state. Some of them are lost forever.

Russia has turned our fertile čornozemi into the most polluted explosive land in the world. About a third of the territory of Ukraine will require mining, which will take at least 10 years.

The war threatens not only Ukraine’s environment, but has already caused a number of environmental problems in Europe and in the future threatens even more. The occupants mined the dam of kakhovsʹkoí hydroelectric power plant and resort to nuclear blackmail at the occupied zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant.